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Information Intelligence Group enables organizations to focus on the value derived from easily collecting and organizing more of their useful information

Users struggle daily to get the information and insights they need when they need them. Our unique AI driven solutions allow users to capture large volumes of documents, collect and organize data within those files, and transform it into actionable information.

IIG Technology Solutions

Enterprise Search + Discovery

The secret to data dependent operations is a centralized interface to locate multiple data silos across various sources. 

Using intuitive voice recognition our systems can create an environment that cultivates an optimal query of anything that you require.

Intelligent Document Processing

Find relevant assets through AI-powered search with tags and attributes, including content, type, size, and format. 

Browse the instant results, displayed as visual thumbnails, and also narrow your search with filters.

Advanced Analytics

Unlock the true value of your information and gain actionable insights into your data with IIG’s real-time analytics. 

 Access the information you need at your fingertips to become more efficient in your business while making smarter management decisions.

Digital Transformation Services

With a comprehensive suite of services to aid in digital transformation, IIG can help support and accelerate your organization’s journey to unlock productivity gains across all levels of your organization.

Intelligent Process Automation

We have proven solutions designed for enterprises to create, transform, and automate any business process or use case.

Utilizing smart software applications that can streamline a business process for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, restructuring labor resources, improves service quality, and contain costs.

Data Security + Compliance

No matter what business you are in, industry and government regulations dictate many of the decisions you make every day, and compliance is not optional. 

IIG solution identifies at-risk documents in any location, be it file shares, content systems, FTP directories, or email servers.

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AI-Powered solutions to analyze your most important data for better decision making.

Gain actionable insights into your data by unlocking the true value of your information!

We look forward to finding smart solutions to your most important business needs.