Intelligent Document Processing

Deliver critical insight in the digital workplace with intelligent data discovery tools

Today’s businesses demand near-instant access to information. And they need it in a format that’s easy to understand.

Most organizations have multiple silos of data spread across departments and geographies. We provide a centralized interface that creates an environment for rapid time-to-insight with a unique approach to intelligent document processing (IDP).

What Should an Intelligent
Document Processing Tool Do?

IDP is one of the most essential components of delivering data to the digital workplace. The future of your business depends on this critical capability.

Measure the effectiveness of your data discovery processes by the following criteria:

data discovery tools innovation

Drive Innovation

Innovation is not just for start-ups or industry disruptors. It’s the lifeblood of effective business strategy. Searching and discovering data should be so impactful that it changes the way you do business.

data discovery tools efficiency

Create Operational Efficiencies

How much time do users spend searching for information? Do they have multiple options for intelligent search like voice and integrations with the applications they use every day?

data discovery tools business

Improve Business Outcomes

What critical business outcomes do you attribute to the effectiveness of search and discovery?

Intelligent Document Processing
is More Than a Product

The true value of discovering information is in the insight it provides. Think about IDP as an “insight engine” that responds to changing business and market demands. While specific products and tools will be implemented, it’s all about driving valuable business outcomes.

When is there ever enough insight? Never!

Plan for a continuous evolution of data discovery as you regularly measure and improve, target new goals, test, and implement.

3 Tips for Successfully Deploying a Data Discovery Tool

We’ve worked on enough IDP implementations that we’ve identified three keys for success:

#1 - Set proper expectations

Document the scope of your initiative.

The breadth of possible projects and business processes you can serve is almost endless.

Consider everything from offsite data, the devices that will be used, the sources of information (custom applications, cloud, on premises, etc.), and the subject matter experts who use the data.

#2 - Commit the right people

Success will hinge on having the right people at the right time. You will need internal and external human resources.

The complexity of your project may require developers, data architects, user interface designers, project managers, and business analysts.

#3 - Establish a timeline

This may seem obvious, but planning for a 6-month implementation is our recommendation.

While we’ve seen projects take more or less time, the right expectation is the one that provides the valuable time needed for completing a proof-of-concept and successful implementation.

3 Unique IDP Use-Cases

Intelligent document processing is the hub of many core business processes.

Digital Mail

Digital mail automation uses modern data sciences tools to read correspondence and forms like a human.

Discern important documents from trash, extract and integrate important information, and route a digital copy of both the document and the envelope to the correct person or department.

Digital Transaction Management

Move from paper-based document processing to fully digital transaction processing.

Eliminate roadblocks and tedious manual workflows with end-to-end touchless document processing workflows.

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent document processing is at the hub of intelligent automation and digital transformation.

Feed robotic process automation and analytics tools accurate information from unstructured and semi-structured content - both paper and digital transactional logs.

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