How to Eliminate Technology Adoption Frustrations

This article originally appeared on BIS.

Imagine – you’ve just found a solution to end years of suffering and provide a much-needed boost to your department’s operations.

But you know that your company’s buying cycle is a painful beast to wrangle.

The information in this article may not be a silver bullet, but it just might be what you need to tackle a painful sales process.

Organizations that don’t understand their technology adoption profile are at a massive disadvantage in digital transformation, and achieving disruptive change through technology.

And you know that disruption can just as easily come from you as the competition…

Creating a technology adoption profile will help you gain insight on how to work with the way your organization plans and controls change. It might sound complicated, but it really isn’t. Creating your profile is easy.

And the good news is that you probably have all the information you need to do it.

What is a Technology Adoption Profile?

It’s basically a personality test for your company. It’s a framework developed by research firm Gartner, Inc. Familiar with the Myers-Briggs profiling method? It’s very similar. You answer a straightforward list of questions and an algorithm will shed light on your organization’s:

  • Desired Pace of Change
    • Are you measured, responsive, or dynamic?

  • Planning Strategy
    • Are you flexible, accommodating, or strict?

  • Control of the Technology Agenda
    • Are you flexible, accommodating, or strict?

technology adoption profile

Upon completing the simple survey, an algorithm backed by an analysis of over 10,000 enterprises assigns your organization one of 7 specific technology adoption profiles. This profile will help you successfully navigate your organization’s sales process (or at least it will help you manage expectations!).

And if you are in a position to affect change within your company, this will certainly guide you through challenges that will arise from ideas that conflict with your profile.

Ready to accelerate time to disruption?

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