Kofax Alternatives: A Better Capture Mousetrap

BIS used to be one of Kofax’s top software partners. I know because I signed BIS to resell their capture platform in the early 2000s.

We sold the first Kofax Payables deal together. It was BIS’ expertise that made that deal stick, and it’s why that customer is still a customer today. (I’m not here to slam other companies. And in full disclosure, this article is designed to convince you to take a look at Grooper as a Kofax Capture alternative.)

Our History with Kofax Captiva Capture Alternatives

We implemented hundreds of Kofax solutions. We’ve done the same with Captiva. But we’ve always had to add a lot of our own intellectual property to those systems to solve customer problems. That was the norm.

And it prepared us to build a better capture mousetrap…

As document capture companies evolved, their focus changed. What was once just Kofax Capture now represents several technologies, including products from:

  • Readsoft
  • Nuance
  • NSI
  • eCopy
  • Equitrac
  • And few other products

They branched out with acquisitions in Accounts Payable, Robotic Process Automation, and Print.

One could say they’ve gotten away from their roots. To highlight this, look at all the new “A.I.” companies who have entered into the document capture software space. If Kofax (the 800-lb gorilla) had been keeping pace with technology, would those companies exist? Would Grooper?

How We Built A Better Capture Solution – A Comparison

We spotted this trend more than a decade ago, and it put us on a mission to build the world’s best intelligent document processing solution. We built Grooper to be a better “capture mousetrap” based on our experience both with our enterprise customers and with our own Document Migration Center, which uses Grooper daily to scan, capture, and extract data from documents.

We replaced our own Kofax Capture software with Grooper. We’ve helped many of our customers migrate from other platforms (Kofax, Captiva, etc.) to Grooper.

Compared to Kofax, we know that Grooper is:

  • More powerful
  • Easier to get up and running
  • Faster to deploy new use-cases

We know we have better extraction capabilities. We know Grooper is faster to get to value. We know it scales better for high-volume systems.

None of this means Grooper is easy.

These aren’t easy problems, and I don’t mean to imply that a Kofax Capture to Grooper migration is a point-and click-experience.

It’s not. But, we know how to do it correctly because we know document systems.

We don’t outsource our development to groups who have never done this type of work. We don’t use open-source image processing products — we wrote our own because the ones on the market didn’t meet our needs.

We’re not growing the company by acquisition to meet some board of directors or investor’s need. We’re solving the tough problems that customers are facing.

Being privately held and debt free allows us to make product development decisions that some public, bigger competitors just can’t do:

  • Mortgage processing – Classification and extraction
  • Land lease packets – Document scanning, natural language processing and extraction
  • Transcript automation – Table extraction, massive image cleanup, data rules translations
  • MTR (Mill Test Reports) – Complicated data extraction, data rules validation
  • Explanation of Benefits – Semi-structured complex tabular data extraction, thousands of variations, data hierarchy), and
  • Invoice processing – Complex table extraction, data hierarchy challenges, thousands of variations

These are just some of the systems we shine with.

There’s a lot going on in the industry right now. Give us a call if:

  • Your document/data capture solution or enterprise grade content management system is long in the tooth
  • You’re being forced to do a software upgrade that really doesn’t have your best interest in mind
  • You’re tired of overpaying for nothing more than a minor upgrade
  • You’re looking for Kofax Captiva alternatives

Grooper will exceed where others struggle and fail.